TBW Proudly Stands with Planned Parenthood

TBW believes that accurate information is of utmost importance. Here are some facts about Planned Parenthood and why their continued presence in our community is so important to the health of our friends, family and neighbors.

Locally, Planned Parenthood has a huge positive impact on the state, providing over 16,000 Kansans per year with health care and education services.

Each year, Planned Parenthood in Kansas, with its two health centers in Overland Park and Wichita, provides:

  • Contraceptive services to over 9,000 women
  • Over 2,800 cancer screenings including Pap tests, breast exams and colposcopies
  • More than 8,000 tests and treatments for sexually transmitted infections, including HIV

More than 35% of our health care visits are for clients at or below 150% of the federal poverty level - women earning less than $18,000 a year. Planned Parenthood in Kansas also provides education programs, including parent/child workshops and community and school presentations, to more than 6,000 people a year.

The people attacking Planned Parenthood in Kansas do not have women’s best interests at heart. Over the last four years, state legislators and the Brownback administration have slashed women’s preventive health programs, with disastrous consequences for local communities. 

  • Because the state of Kansas excluded Planned Parenthood from the federal Title X Family Planning program, which makes it possible for very low income women to receive basic preventive health care, Planned Parenthood had to close its health center in Hays, Kansas. Under Title X, women could get that health care for free. Now, no women in Ellis County can get that free preventive care without driving to another county, a 30-45 minute drive.
  • Nearly 75,000 women in Kansas are in need of publicly funded family planning services but are unable to access them-many of those women are young, women of color, low income or uninsured.
  • Only 77 of 105 Kansas counties have a Title X family planning clinic.
  • Only 76 of Kansas’ 105 counties have clinics with family planning services run by the county health department.

To show your support for Planned Parenthood of Kansas & Mid-Missouri, consider making a donation, sending words of encouragement, or volunteering.

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